Payment and Purchasing Options:

Meet in person to confirm and purchase your portrait order, or choose to purchase online. Portraits may be purchased with one full payment, or split into 2 or more payments.  Gift Cards  are a great alternative when time is of essence.

      Purchase online:

  1. Debit purchase through e-transfer

  2. Credit card purchase. I send you an invoice with link to take you through a secure and easy payment process through Square payment processing.

       Purchase in person:

  1. Purchase with cash, company check or money order

  2. Purchase with secure mobile swiped credit card payment processing (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) through Square payment processing.

Click on any of the options below to purchase through the online store.

Give the gift of an original piece of artwork for someone special, or a noted associate.

Make a deposit to start the process of having your Pencil Portrait created.

After you have received your price quote, purchase your portrait in one full payment.

Purchase your Pencil Portrait over time.

Make as little as 3 or as many as 12 payments to purchase a hand drawn Pencil Portrait.

This option is perfect for planning for a special occasion, or for a timely portrait creation. I will set you up with timely payments that fit your schedule.

Please drop me a line at to discuss a plan that works for you.