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Intuitive Artwork

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In 2001 I was guided to take a psychic development course that changed the way I viewed and experienced the world around me, and within me. One of the first things I learned through that first course was meditation. Through a dedicated daily meditation practice, my awareness and senses started to shift and open, and as this happened, my intuitive senses started to blossom. One of the things that I became aware of was the spiritual guidance system that is available to everyone on this earth as we grow through life.


Spirit Guide and Angel portraits


My intuitive senses allow me to connect with your spiritual guides who are here to assist us through life on earth. I can see, feel and receive messages from your guides, and draw the visual impressions they send me as a visual tool for you to connect to them.

Most people have 2 or more guides, some have more, and others have groups of guides. I find from doing these that the guide that is working with you the most at the time of your request comes through first with the strongest impression. The most prominent guides come through first, followed by other guides that are working with you.

When people are going through different life transitions and experiences, I do find that new guides can step in to assist. Sometimes they are only there to help you through a chapter of your life, and sometimes they can step in and be there for a longer period of time. There are main guides that are with you from the time you are born, and through your entire life.

When you request a portrait, I tune in first to connect to them. Once I have received the connection, I can proceed with a drawing.

Portraits can be drawn as detailed as the artwork you see on my main home page and galleries or as a less detailed styled drawing. The gallery of portraits here shows the drawing style I used which is somewhere between a high detail and line drawing.

How will you know it’s really your guide? People who have ordered a spirit guide portrait from me in the past can feel a resonance to the images. Very sensitive people can sometimes feel the vibration emanating from the drawings.

I am working on some new ones which will be added soon!

Messages from your Guides

A personal message usually comes through when I am drawing these intuitive portraits. Shown here are 3 examples of messages that came through when creating the portraits.

When I "tune" in to your guides, very often I will start receiving messages. When the drawing is complete, I then focus on asking for a more detailed message for you and it is included as part of your portrait.

Best way to order an intuitive portrait is by calling me at 416-894-7671 or by sending me an email.

Portraits come in two drawing styles and sizes -

Full detailed framed portraits (as on my main home page and gallery)- 6”x8” - $300 | 8”x10” - $400

Less detailed sketch style unframed and comes in a presentation box - 6”x8” - $100 and 8”x10” -$150 (Can fit into any standard size 5x7 or 8x10 frame) Always the option to have framed.

Included is a written guide on how to connect to your guides.

Animal Guide/Totem portraits

I also see animal guides around people. I have a selection of animal guide portraits that I am currently working on that will be available as prints and originals. If you ask for your animal guide as a portrait and/or already know which animal you feel is guiding you, then choosing a portrait is that much more fun! Each one comes with a description of each animal and how they guide/serve us through areas of life.