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Crystal jewelry for women, men and kids.

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Crystal beaded jewelry

 Crystal beaded bracelets and anklets.

I've taken my curiosity and love for crystals and their healing properties, and combined creative, inspirational and intuitive design to create unique jewelry for women, men and kids.

Crystals emit healing properties that our physical and energetic body respond to, and bracelets are broken down into different categories for wear. Categories include bracelets made for sleep aid, creative inspiration, entrepreneurs, luck, love, focus, enhancing intuition, protection and more.

Crystals have a long history of being used for their healing energies for energy protection, motivation, calmness and health aid. More detailed information on the individual healing properties of each crystal will be added soon.

Each bracelet is lovingly created with inspiration, intuition and passion as individual pieces or as collections.

Each bracelet is unique. Each one is created with a different design. No two are alike, unless you would like a custom collection made.

Collections are a special and symbolic connection for an occasion that unites family, friends and loved ones together. Occasions like baby showers, First Communions and Confirmations, Weddings, birthdays, family reunions or for an occasion that holds significance for you, are perfect to have a collection made.

The Crystals

I use only high grade crystals that are pure and natural from the earth. No synthetics, no dyes, no toxic metals

The Designs

Designs are inspired by the color and texture of crystals, the healing properties each crystal emits, and "spacers" to make each one different and unique. They are made with high quality stretch cord material. They're comfortable, stretchy and made to fit your wrist.

I combine the healing properties with color to create pretty combinations for women, more striking combinations for men, and fun combinations for children. There are hundreds of types of crystals in many colors, and thousands of different combinations!

I use a personally developed 4 step cleansing system to ensure the finished pieces are vibrating with pure positive energy!

How to Wear and Sizing -

For sizing I recommend taking a cloth tape measure, a piece of string or something that you can size your wrist with. Measure a snug fit for your wrist size just below the wrist bone. From there, I can make your size that will fit your wrist. Crystals should touch the skin for optimal benefits. Bracelets can be worn to fit snugly or loose.

Which wrist to wear bracelets on? We all receive and give out energy. Usually this is determined by your dominant hand. The dominant hand gives out energy, while the non dominant hand receives energy. Think of this also as internal vs. external. If you want to shift your internal self try wearing selected crystals on the non dominant hand, while if you want to see the changes in the world outside you, try wearing them on the dominant hand.

Everyone is different. Some are more sensitive than others and can really feel the energy of the crystals. Others may just "feel" that a bracelet feels better on one arm rather than the other.

Crystals respond to our energy system. They are curiously intuitive. When choosing a crystal without knowing much about the healing properties, it is uncanny how learning about it later seems to fit right in with what you could use a little help with at the time. It's a type of energetic connection - the crystals emit, and our energy system "intuitively" picks up on.

Recharging crystal energy. The energy emanating from the crystals can become depleted with regular wear. Placing your crystal bracelets in a window overnight (especially when the moon is full) allows the crystals to become safely recharged with natural energy from the environment. Some crystals will fade in the sun if left for long periods of time. Short periods of sunlight will also recharge their energy.

Placing your bracelet on a clear quartz or amethyst cluster will also recharge their energy. (I'll have kits for sale in the near future).


The best way to order a bracelet or collection is to call me at 416-894-7671 to tell me what you'd like. Event shows and online store are in the works for 2019.

Purchase in person with cash, send e-transfer or purchase by credit card. I can arrange in person delivery.

Bracelets for Women

Any bracelet here can be re-created especially for you based on your color choice, category and price. These are samples I’ve created. New designs are always in the works!


Love attraction combinations:

Romantic Love - Rose Quartz, Garnet and Hematite enhance self love and confidence to attract romantic love and passion!


Romantic Love - Rose Quartz and Rhodonite attract love and balance the heart allowing love to flow in. Rhodondite has been known to increase fertility.


Romantic Love - Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. This combinaton is very popular for attracting love. It has been used for a collection creation.



Calming combinations:

Calming - Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate and White Jade make up this bracelet to calm the mind and emotions for stress relief during the day or for preparing for a restful night's sleep.


Calming - Howlite, Sodalite and White Jade calm the mind and emotions while allowing clear thinking processes.

Great for day wear in the workplace and for a restful night's sleep.


Calming - Lepidolite, Howlite, Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli. Extremely calming combination for the mind and body. Aids sleep and reduces anxiety.



Enhancing intuition and spiritual connection:

Intuition - Dumortierite and Kunzite make a powerful combination to connect to intuitive ability, universal and spiritual connection through a clear mind.

Great for day, night wear and meditation.


Intuition - Sodalite, Apatite, Rose Quartz and Pyrite - Unites logic with intuition, stimulating clear communication from a clear heart.

Great for day, night wear and meditation.


Intuition - Moonstone and Lapis promote intuition and empathy by calming emotions while Bronzite and Kunzite protect from negativity and emotional attack from others. Powerful protector to allow for intuitive sense to flow.


Intuition  - Fluorite, Apatite and Amethyst open intuition while Tourmaline and Hematite balance and ground energies.  Also falls into the Focused mind category as Fluorite and Hematite allow for an organized state of mind.  $22

Intuition - Fluorite, Apatite and Amethyst open intuition while Tourmaline and Hematite balance and ground energies.

Also falls into the Focused mind category as Fluorite and Hematite allow for an organized state of mind.


Focused mind combinations:

Focus - Great for the workday.

Grounding Hematite, soothing Amazonite and creativity inspiring Peach Aventurine.


Focus - Great for the work or school day.

Hematite balances and centers the energy of the body and mind while Amazonite and Howlite soothes the nervous system and mind.


Focus - Great for the workday.

Grounding Hematite and Onyx combined with Apatite for allowing intuitive truth to flow.



Motivation, energy and wealth attraction combinations:

Energizing Carnelian and Citrine combined with Pyrite stimulate the metabolism, improve motivation, self esteem, self confidence and creativity. Wealth attracting.

Great for wear during the day!


Energizing - Carnelian, Citrine, grounding Hematite and Onyx for dissolving negativity and restoring peace and harmony in the body. Wealth attracting.

Great for day wear.


Wealth and Abundance - Green Aventurine, Pyrite, Amazonite and Tourmaline create a combination that is both grounding and calming for the body and mind while also attracting wealth and abundance. Great for day wear.



Bracelets for Men

Protection - Obsidian protects while Yellow and Red Tiger's Eye with Carnelian allow for abundance and confidence to flow. Boosts metabolism and mental strength.


Grounding - Hematite and Tiger's Eye grounds and protects while offering confidence, abundance and mental willpower.



Bracelets for Kids and Babies

Balancing - Apatite, Hematite and Howlite - Aids communication and self expression, clears confusion, hyperactivity. Great for focused attention and balanced energy.


Calming - Howlite, Apatite and Rhodonite - Extremely calming helping sleep and peaceful mindedness. Alleviates anger and promotes positive self expression and character traits.


Loving - Rose Quartz and Rhodonite allow clear loving energy to flow helping the heart to be open to pure loving energy.



More coming soon!