Sweet Rides - Oakville Car Cruze

The Oakville "Car Cruze" hosted by the Lions Club of Oakville is in full swing for the 2016 season.

Old and new, proud car owners bring their sweet rides from all around every Tuesday from 6-9 pm, until September 24th, 2016. At last count, over 150 cars each week gather in the parking lot of the Boston Pizza located at 270 North Service Rd W, Oakville, ON L6M 2R8.

I dropped by the Car Cruze recently to take some photos of the goings on. Included is the recent completed portrait I have blogged about, and the same car at the show.

She's there every week.



If dinner is on your mind, Boston Pizza offers specials every Tuesday night.

With door prizes, 50/50 draws and nightly raffles, the Lion's Club of Oakville together with hosts Boston Pizza, Budds' Oakville and more, raise money each week for the Dog Guides of Canada, Halton Heart & Stroke foundation, Kerr St. ministries, Oakville Peewee baseball, to name a few.

If you're looking for something to do this evening, come down to the Car Cruze!

Your support will be appreciated by many.


Native roots

Last spring, the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation tribe in Manitoulin Island requested a portrait of one of their former Chief in office.

The portrait was to be given to this former Chief as a personal gift, as well as a print of the original, to be part of their boardroom display.

They were very pleased with the resulting completed portrait. The original hangs in her home, and a custom print was created that now hangs framed in their boardroom, along with the other Chiefs dating back to the 1800's.

You can read a little of this First Nation tribe's history here.

Completed pencil portrait

Completed pencil portrait


The photo shown is the original reference photo for the base of the portrait. As it was small, details were hard to see. Fortunately, they had a few others for me to look over for the composition of the portrait.

I am proud that I was able to create a piece for Aundeck Omni Kaning's display as part of their community, and part of Canada's rich history.

Original reference photo

Original reference photo


Family Ties

Completed portrait

Newly wed, and wanting to give her husband something unique, this gift idea was something she hoped would be unforgettable. She wanted something that would be sentimental and classic, something that would stand out to her husband, especially since she has found through the course of their relationship that he is difficult to buy for and not easily impressed by gifts.

This portrait includes 3   1/2 generations of the family men. Newlywed groom (far right), his grandfather, uncle and father.

Having been very close to his grandfather, the groom would have wished his grandfather's presence at his wedding. Even though he couldn't be there in the physical, he was very much there in spirit. The placement of Grandfather in the portrait is purposeful as he stands just behind the groom, symbolically always with him.

Love those ties! They give character and added some extra personality and punch to the portrait, along with those grand smiles of this family's men.


Older photo used as reference

Older photo used as reference


I had a few photos to use as reference with the one of grandfather an older printed photo with limited details.


Photo used for reference

Photo used for reference