Celebrity Pencil Portraits - Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson. The widely recognizable voice behind Supertramp.

Leading them to fame with his songs such as "Dreamer", "Take The Long Way Home", "School", "Breakfast in America" and "Give a Little Bit" just to name a few, Roger Hodgson now travels worldwide performing his music in his solo shows.

Each year, he visits Casino Rama in Orillia, ON to perform one of his memorable shows. I had the unique opportunity to present this portrait to him after one of his shows. I was inspired to draw his portrait through a series of coincidental events that eventually led to the creation of this portrait and the presentation of it personally to him. It took me 50 hours to complete and drew it in 4 days.

Realistic pencil drawing of Roger Hodgson

Realistic pencil drawing of Roger Hodgson


He is a mild mannered, extremely sweet soul. His passion and soul is evident through the love that emanates from him as you experience one of his live shows. Every note and pitch of each song is perfect...even those high ones! If you are a fan of Supertramp's music, you are sure to be a fan of Roger Hodgson.

I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet him! I presented him with this portrait pictured above as a gift. He kindly signed a fine art print created from the original, which is now framed and hanging proudly in my home.

For tour dates and more information, please visit his website at www.rogerhodgson.com.


The Drawing Board

I have another celebrity on my drawing board at this time. I'll be posting up a work in progress to show it's completion. I don't want to give away the identity yet...let's see if you can guess who it may be before it's done. 

Any ideas?

As a rule, I don't usually work on more than one piece at a time. For the next couple of weeks, however, I'll be working on two. The new ORBA inductee has been added to the Hall of Fame collection for 2013 and a new portrait has been commissioned of me. Looking forward to drawing the new addition!

Celebrity Pencil Portraits - John Lennon

This year my focus includes creating quite a few more celebrity portraits. Each one is created by searching for a good quality image of the person I’d like to draw first. Sometimes it’s not easy to find a good quality image that shows me all the details of the face. They reflect what is going on in my life to a certain degree as well. This one of John Lennon is a well known image of him, but the message of peace is what I was reflecting on as I created it.

He is remembered with love and fondness for his music and his message of peace that he was trying to communicate to the world.

Realistic pencil drawing of John Lennon

Realistic pencil drawing of John Lennon