Newfoundland family history


The image here depicts what I envision as an iconic Newfoundland fisherman. A true Canadian image.

The history behind this image has so much meaning for the family that asked me to draw this portrait for them.

1987 - The Newfoundland Pen newspaper published this photo with a little story about how Curtis Chambers was with his two boys on the fishing docks on Bear Cove for the afternoon. The family has been meaning to turn this photo into a portrait to be shared by the family since.

Cousin Shawn took it upon himself to put this portrait into motion. First contacting me almost a year ago, the portrait finally took fruition and is now framed and is in the hands of Curtis' daughter who lives in Anchor Point, Newfoundland. A surprise Christmas present!


Look at that cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The Sou-wester, the light reflecting off the hood. The leathery skin from years of being on the boats catching fish, day in and day out to make his living.

Now take a look at the reference photo from the newspaper.

This portrait was a challenge as it was nearly impossible to see the details.