Original and custom Pencil Portraits take an average of 2- 4 weeks to create depending on size, subject and details. Please order your portrait 2- 6 weeks before you require it, especially if you are ordering for a special occasion.

**Now taking orders for Christmas portraits. Please order portraits for Christmas giving no later than December 2nd, 2017.  Gift Cards are available as an alternative Christmas gift.**

Ordering Process:


1. Please start by calling me direct at 416-894-7671 or email me at portraitsbysarah@hotmail.com with good quality high resolution photo/s attached so I can give you a few options for purchasing. Tell me about your portrait idea!

2. Make a deposit to confirm your portrait order. I can get started on the creation of your portrait.

3. Receive an outline and progression images as I work on your portrait. The balance is due upon completion. I arrange delivery once all details are finalized, whether it's hand delivered or securely shipped.

Portraits can be ordered and shipped across the globe.

See the pricing guide for portraits.

Pencil Portraits start with your memorable and favorite photos.

Portraits can be drawn with as much detail as you like and can be created from one or a few reference photos as needed. The best reference photos are ones that clearly show the subject of your portrait with as many details as possible.

High resolution images are best for me to work from.

A good reference photo will make the difference between a good portrait, and a GREAT portrait.

The clearer your photo is, the better a completed portrait will look. If reference photos are not clearly in focus I cannot see (and draw) what you already know.

Photo quality is important. It's important that details like eyes remain clear in a photo when zooming in on a computer, tablet or phone screen. (For portrait requests using older photo/s, it's possible to create a memorable portrait.)

Close ups are good!


I can help with photo creation. I'm also a portrait photographer. 

Schedule a photo session with me to have some new updated photos of your favorite people, pets or prized possessions, to be used as a reference photo for a pencil portrait, or just because.

Payment and Purchasing Options:

Meet in person to confirm and purchase your portrait order, or choose to purchase online. Portraits may be purchased with one full payment, or split into 2 or more payments.  Gift Cards  are a great alternative when time is of essence.

      Purchase online:

  1. Debit purchase through e-transfer
  2. Credit card purchase. I send you an invoice with link to take you through a secure and easy payment process through Square payment processing.

       Purchase in person:

  1. Purchase with cash, company check or money order
  2. Purchase with secure mobile swiped credit card payment processing (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) through Square payment processing.

Click on any of the options below to purchase through the online store.

Give the gift of an original piece of artwork for someone special, or a noted associate.

Make a deposit to start the process of having your Pencil Portrait created.

After you have received your price quote, purchase your portrait in one full payment.

Purchase your Pencil Portrait over time.

Make as little as 3 or as many as 12 payments to purchase a hand drawn Pencil Portrait.

This option is perfect for planning for a special occasion, or for a timely portrait creation. I will set you up with timely payments that fit your schedule.

Please drop me a line at portraitsbysarah@hotmail.com to discuss a plan that works for you.