I help you align, celebrate and reconnect with the things in life that matter by offering you hand drawn lifelike portraits that infuse your heart, nurture your soul and fuel your passions.

The beautiful thing about original artwork is the uniqueness and creativity that each individual piece holds.

Each hand drawn portrait is created to enhance a person, pet or significant subject matter in a manner that will make you pause, look and remember which part of you it speaks to.


They are created to celebrate the things in life that make life meaningful.


Hello, I'm Sarah Kelly.  Portrait artist, photographer, southpaw, coffee lover. Seeker of spiritual truths, observer, dreamer. A dreamer that draws realism...ha! Drawing has always come as a natural ability for me. Desire to learn the art of realistic drawing took hold while taking fine arts through Sheridan College in Oakville, ON.  A realistic drawing of water ripples in a textbook - a defining, and inspiring moment.

Since 2005 I have been creating custom portraits for individuals, associations, families, newlywed couples, husbands, wives and loving pet owners.  It is with my loving intention to draw as many portraits as I can that inspire you to share the stories that make life meaningful.


A little bit of your heart and soul go into each portrait. A whole lot of passion, creativity and love go into each one.

Pencil Portraits start with your most memorable and favorite photos.

The clearer your photo is, the better a completed portrait will look.


 Portraits can be drawn with as much detail as you like and can be created from one or a few reference photos as needed. The best reference photos are ones that clearly show the subject of your portrait with as many details as possible.

The clearer your photo is, the better a completed portrait will look. If reference photos are not clearly in focus I cannot see (and draw) what you already know.

A good reference photo will make the difference between a good portrait, and a GREAT portrait.

Close ups are good!

Photo quality is important for drawing in details. A larger sized reference photo with good detail is much easier for me to use to create your portrait. It's important that details like eyes remain clear in a reference photo when zooming in on a computer, tablet or phone screen. (For portrait requests using older photo/s, it is possible to work with you to create a memorable portrait.)

Shown here are examples of good reference photos and the finished portraits.


Ideas for a portrait:

  • A wedding gift for your loving partner, daughter, sister, or cousin.
  • An In Memoriam or Celebration of Life cherished piece of a loved family member, friend or loved one.
  • A cherished portrait of yours or another's beloved pet.
  • A milestone birthday or anniversary gift that will leave memorable impressions by all who witnessed the occasion.
  • Collections and Hall of Fame displays for impressing and rewarding your valued associates at award ceremonies and presentations.
  • Create unique collections for your corporation or association that proudly showcase your history and success over the years.
  • Your prized car, childhood home, or other subject of sentimental meaning for you or others.

Be part of the creation process.

I guide you in choosing the right photo/s, size for your portrait, details that you want to include, and best displaying options. You will receive progressive updates as your portrait is being created, so you can be part of the final look and feel of your finished piece of custom artwork.


With proper care, finished portraits are treasured pieces that will last a lifetime and longer.


  • Recreate your original portrait with every detail intact, on fine art paper, canvas or acrylic.
  • Be earth friendly with Eco-friendly prints  available on bamboo and sugar cane fine art papers.
  • Impressively display your completed portrait with professional framing,  a service I provide for your completed portrait.
  • Striking name plates for your completed portrait are also an option when choosing framing options.

Purchase prices are reflected according to size and details. Please see pricing guide.  An accurate quote can be given after I have seen the reference photo/s to be used to create your portrait and learn a few other details.

Send me your portrait idea and favorite photo/s to portraitsbysarah@hotmail.com for your initial inquiry. I'll offer you advice and guide you through the process to have your portrait created.


"Dear Sarah, my family and I would like to thank you for the amazing portrait of Karen. You captured her beauty and soul. It was a pleasure working with an artist that cares about details and perfection. I recommend everyone to have Sarah draw a portrait of your special someone, so they may live on through her work and in your hearts."  Gord Kerr, December 2015



"Dear Sarah, I wish to thank you for sending me the completed portrait of myself in my early military dress. The task which was requested of you was very challenging. Your ability to piece together my submitted dated photographs and military dress references, was truly creative. The most outstanding rendition in the portrait was your inclusion of characteristic personality, as recognized by my family. Sincerely, Kenneth Giles" - January 2016

Take a look at the Facebook page.  See portraits in progress, inspirations for new portraits, and new portrait additions.


Learn how to take and create better photos in my free easy to follow guide.


Rather let someone else handle that? No problem.

I can help you with photo creation.


I'm also a portrait photographer. Schedule a photo session with me to have some new updated photos of your favorite people, pets or prized possessions, to be used as a reference photo for a pencil portrait, or just because.