Custom Pencil Artwork that tells your story.

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Which part of your life has a story worth sharing?


I create hand drawn portraits that help you celebrate a special someone, story, passion or achievement.

The love, passion and energy infused into every portrait brings new life to your favorite photos, and helps you reconnect to the stories and memories that lie within.

By using one or several of your favorite photographs as reference, I bring out the personality and character of your favorite people, pets or passions. They become the enhanced focal point of a unique piece of artwork that will be cherished for years to come.

Portraits can be of any subject matter. If I have a photograph to work from, I can draw it!


I help you align, celebrate and reconnect with the things in life that matter, by offering you realistic hand drawn portraits that infuse your heart, nurture your soul and fuel your passions.

I love to share your stories. Read about the stories behind completed portraits and see portraits in progression through my Facebook Fan page.

Start by sending me your portrait idea with your photo/s attached to



Learn how you can have a custom drawn portrait infused with love and personality that shares a story for you.

"Dear Sarah, Thank you for the beautiful portrait of me and my father. My father is the most important person in my life and you captured the moment perfectly. This portrait brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it, so beautifully done, it's perfection. Sarah you are truly one of the most talented artists I know. Thank you so much, this portrait means so much to me!" Chantelle Cherry
"Dear Sarah, I wish to thank you for sending me the completed portrait of myself in my early military dress. The task which was requested of you was very challenging. Your ability to piece together my submitted dated photographs and military dress references, was truly creative. The most outstanding rendition in the portrait was your inclusion of characteristic personality, as recognized by my family." Sincerely, Kenneth Giles


Sarah Kelly is a portrait artist and photographer based in Oakville, ON with artwork available across the globe. Learn more about her and the artwork she creates here.