Custom Pencil Artwork that tells your story.

Realistic pencil drawings created from favorite photographs.

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Created to help you celebrate and share a special someone, story or achievement.


Your favorite people, pets or sentimental subject become the focal point of a unique piece of artwork that will be cherished by you and loved ones for years to come.

A perfect way to show the people in your life how much they matter, are appreciated and loved.

Original pencil portraits are hand drawn in pencil using your favorite photographs. They can include as many details as you like.

Each piece tells a story.

They are unique, one of a kind offerings for any celebratory occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations of life, milestone events, or for any occasion that holds significance for you.

For others or yourself, as part of a collection or individual pieces.

Timeless pieces of art, holding the stories that bond you.

Everyone has a story to share.

Which part of your life has a story worth sharing?

Learn how you can have a custom drawn portrait infused with love and personality,  that shares a story for you.


Pencil Portraits start with good reference photos.


A good reference photo will make the difference between a good portrait, and a GREAT portrait.


Reference photos need to clearly show the subject of your portrait with as many details as possible. The clearer the photo is, the more details shown, the better a completed portrait will look. If the photos are not clearly in focus I cannot see what you already know.

Close ups are good!


What gems do you have in your saved photo collections? Want to learn how to take better photos to add to your memories?

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