Realistic Pencil Portraits created  from favorite photographs

        Taking the simplicity of pencil, into fine detail.

Personal. Life. Memories.


Impress your family and friends with a gift that is unique and unforgettable.

Impress yourself with a unique piece  that make the walls of your home, and your heart - sing.

A Wedding Gift for your daughter and your new son in law. - A special gift for your parent's 50th anniversary. - Your husband's birthday. - Your new bundle of joy! - Your beloved and loved pet!


For your Business or Association


Impress and reward your associates and team members that have put so much time and energy into their work for the growth of your business or association through "Hall of Fame" collections, special awards at presentations and memorial keepsakes.

Do something special with your favorite photographs.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Kelly. I specialize in Realistic style, fine art portraits. They are drawn entirely in pencil from photographs.

My artwork reflects the personalities of the subjects I draw, giving new life as an original and unique piece of artwork.

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I'm also a portrait photographer. Take a peek!